My Thoughts

Your “thoughts” dictate your life.


The mind has a powerful influence on who you are, how you feel, your overall wellness, and who you become. Thoughts have a wavelength and frequency that are quicker than any word coming out of your mouth. If you think negative thoughts, (i.e.) sickness, dislikes, judging for example, you will see that in your own life. You will feel sick and feel judged, also feeling unable to imagine yourself with a better life. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or the actions of others, begin to focus on your own life with positive thoughts. Even if you don’t see or have the things you really desire, imagine you do and allow yourself to feel positive emotions. Then begin to strive toward new empowering goals such as better eating habits, more sleep, creating a pinterest board of goals, or attending new workshops. Your life will change for the better and become aligned with your new thoughts.

Remember believing will lend itself to seeing great things happen in your life.