As a Paratransformologistsm, Sandiee provides holistic health services that integrate and blend eastern and western holistic philosophies, healing beyond transformation into well-being in everyday life.


Become empowered as Sandiee explores the nature and purpose of your soul.  Through insight, information, and messages from beyond, transform your everyday life. Lives have been forever changed and that is a priceless gift.

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Healing Sessions

Regain your vitality though an integrated approach and the ultimate healing experience. From the first touch you are transported to a new level of consciousness, igniting transformation in mind, body, and spirit.

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Psychic Development Classes

Learn to strengthen your innate intuitive abilities in career, relationships, and your overall journey. You will see amazing growth in awareness and consciousness, which will serve as the catalyst in overall healing on the deepest of spiritual levels!

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Spirit Investigation and/or Property Clearing & Blessing

Sandiee’s abilities as a medium (to see energy and spirits on the other side,) enables her to walk through a particular location and perceive who is there.  She is also has the ability to see events of the past, such as a recent investigation at Gettysburg, PA where she saw soldiers readying for an ambush. Each investigation is unique to the site and place, always leaving a memorable experience. During the investigation, she will give the owner of the property her psychic impressions.

At the owner’s request she can also perform an energy property cleansing and blessing.

Travel expenses may apply. For any additional information, pricing, or to schedule this service, please email us at


“After the healing session last night, I am crying tears of joy this morning as I woke up PAIN FREE! I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I felt “normal” and I owe it all to you. You are an angel on earth and a true healer and I am so thankful you are in my life. I am amazed!”
-Emily R.

“Your healing abilities are powerful!” -Carl S.

“Sandiee, thank you so much for bringing my family together during the mediumship session! The golden aura around you was phenomenal and I am so honored to have been a part of that! Tears came to David’s eyes when I delivered his message. I am proud to call you my dear friend!”
-Cheryle H.

“My soul painting is an utterly AMAZING and GORGEOUS work of art!”Ashley G.

“I have no words for how wonderful I feel after the healing session. I’m on the verge of tears but they are tears of JOY!!!”
-Sharon R.


My Books

_MG_4889 web copyBoth books are true accounts about Sandiee’s journey. Yesterday’s Souls provides insight about the other side and Butterfly Soul illustrates her metamorphosis after a NDE.

All books ordered through this site will be signed with a personal message from Sandiee.


Dr. Sandiee Peters, Paratransformologist℠

In 2006, Sandiee Peters discovered her “soul” purpose in life. A near death experience (NDE) changed who she would become, which ultimately was her true destiny. Although she had worked many years to become a licensed science teacher, her yearning for change outgrew her need to cling to the past. Years after the NDE, she began using her heightened intuitive abilities which enabled her to “see” and “know” things about the lives of others. Her abilities coupled with an intensive educational background has raised her to a level, unseen before. She has authored two books and earned a Ph.D. in Holistic Health. Today she is the only known Paratransformologist℠. She is the catalyst whose insight and healing abilities inspires others toward a life of complete mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation beyond what they have ever imagine was possible.


  • Ph.D. Holistic Health, AIHT 2014
  • MAT Teaching, Marshall University Graduate College  2005
  • BA Biology, Hood College 1995
  • AA Biology, HCC 1992

Certifications & Experience

  • Registered Karuna Reiki® Master 2015
  • Licensed Teacher, The Anastasi System of Psychic Development® 2014
  • Radio Host – Blog Talk Radio, “The Holistic Soul” 2014
  • Radio Host – Para X Radio Network & CBS Radio Host “Soul Chat” 2010 – 2014
  • Professional Public School Science Teacher, WV State 2008-Permanent
  • Complimentary Alternative Medicine – CA Board of Nursing 2008
  • Spirituality, Health, and Healing – CA Board of Nursing 2008
  • Hospice Family Care Giver, Central New York 1995


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